Far to the east beyond the Endworld mountain range lies the jungle nation of Q’barra. Settled by refugees from the Last War—either patriots who were traumatized when the Kingdom of Galifar ceased to be due to infighting between nations, survivors of the Cyran Day of Mourning, or criminals, deserters, homesteaders, and the displaced from the war—Q’barra is a rough, unforgiving frontier nation that mistrusts the (as they see it) traitorous successor nations of old Galifar.

The three major factions, New Galifar, Hope, and the Cyran refugees, uneasily coexist, united mainly in the face of a shared threat, each with their own idea of how Q’barra should be run. New Galifar, the oldest community, self-identifies as the last bastion of the shattered kingdom of Galifar, and has attempted to centralize Q’barran government and increase security and viability as a kingdom. They greatly mistrust outsiders and their relationship with Hope is strained, mainly due to the fact that Hope only grudgingly accepts the authority of New Galifar, and the villages of Hope are havens for smugglers, prospectors, renegades, and bandits. Cyran refugees, newest to the scene, have carved out neighborhoods in both communities. Q’barra is home to the largest number of Cyran refugees outside of Breland.

Although Q’barra’s founders initially believed that the jungle was uninhabited, attacks by lizardfolk soon proved this false. Settlers unintentionally desecrated holy sites of the lizardfolk and encroached on their territory, sparking conflict all across the nation. Few settlers today are foolish enough to settle in small villages, because even though treaties between the lizardfolk and New Galifar have negated the overt threat of war, villages must still contend with the threat of hostile lizardfolk. In addition, attacks by roaming Valenar warbands, Lhazaar pirates, and of course the natural beasts of the jungle like dire reptiles, dinosaurs, and other horrid beasts contribute to the danger of the area.

Q’barra’s relationship to the dragonmarked houses is fairly neutral overall. House Jorasco and Ghallandra (Healing and Hospitality) are always welcomed for the services they provide, and House Sivis, House Kundarak, and House Orien are all in the process of bringing their services to Q’barra. House Tharashk currently has the most interest in developing a relationship with New Galifar due to the large deposits of dragonshards that can be found in the jungles of Q’barra.


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