Fall of the Dhakaani Empire

16,000 years ago the Dhakaani Empire united the goblinoids of Khorvaire into a great nation. For centuries they controlled the majority of Khorvaire, only occasionally skirmishing with interlopers to their territory. This changed 9000 years ago when daelkyr from Xoriat, the Realm of Madness,* invaded. Daelkyr are unnatural lords of insanity that use flesh-crafting to twist life into bizarre aberrant forms that only a true madman would find artistic. The daelkyr desired to flesh-craft and morph Eberron into a psychotic paradise.

Fortunately, at approximately the same time that the Dhakaani Empire was forming, a dragon named Vvaraak came to what is now the Shadow Marches and gathered orcs to teach them druidic magic. In reading the draconic prophecy, she foresaw that a great disaster would come that only the younger races could stop. She taught the orcs how to read the future in the movements of the Ring of Siberys so that they could preserve nature against aberrations that have no place in the natural order of Eberron. The group that formed as a result of Vvaraak’s presence called themselves the Gatekeepers.

When the daelkyr invaded, the Gatekeepers believed that this event may have been the one that Vvaraak foresaw, and so they mobilized to battle the daelkyr’s armies of illithids, beholders, and other aberrations. After several thousand years, the Gatekeepers emerged triumphant, having banished the daelkyr to Khyber. Left weakened, the Gatekeepers retreated to what is now the Eldeen Reaches and the Shadow Marches. Because they cannot be certain that the dangers Vvaraak saw have been averted, they continue their druidic traditions of watching and waiting for the chance to defend Eberron from unnatural foes.

The Dhakaani Empire was not as lucky as the Gatekeepers. The influence of the daelkyr manifested itself subtly, as some individuals were corrupted and began working from within the Empire. Brother could not trust brother, and infighting both directly due to the daelkyr’s influence and to social or military coups decimated the Empire’s effectiveness. Ultimately the Dhakaani Empire fell to chaos 5000 years ago. Remnants of this once-great civilization can be found across Khorvaire, particularly concentrated in the Shadow Marches and Droaam.

*A note about realms

Fall of the Dhakaani Empire

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