Scions of Tomfoolery

Rakshasas and the Rayne in Thrane

Black Sun Rising Session 5

Gel and Shadows

The gelatinous tetrahedron approached menacingly with the two Frankenstein’s-monster-wannabes. As it turns out, Molniya only teleported us partially across the room of traps, and the door that Duke Newcombe exited is locked in our faces. Nel has the distinct displeasure of being eaten by the gelatinous tetrahedron, and Bri sprinkles confetti over the dead body of one of the Frankenstein’s monsters. Bri eventually smashes the tetrahedron into gooey, splattered bits.

While we fight the creatures, Molniya fiddles with the door until it unlocks… exiting out of a different door in the same room. Annoyed, she begins fiddling with another door to try and unlock it. She returns to the first door he emerged from… and it’s unlocked and opens easily.

We leave the room of traps and enter a wildly different space, with a red sky and a stone bridge stretching over a bottomless chasm. On the other side we see the Duke poke his head out of a stone building, so we head across.

When we get there, the doors blow open and we see that the room appears to be melted, with doors sagging on their frames. Across the room is a large emerald statue, and as we watch in horror, Duke Newcombe tells us that he can’t let us go and smashes it with a hammer. He then shapeshifts and we see that he’s really been a monster in disguise all along—he’s got 4 arms and his hands are on backward. He magically blows all the light out of the room except for the light from four torches.

He pops into a shadow and then out of Fik’s shadow to smash Fik into the ground. He then pops out of Molniya’s shadow. Nel gets angry and summons a fire elemental that tangos with the Duke, pinning him in place. Two shadow minions dance along the walls and we manage to take them out. At one point the Duke darkens the entire room, blinding everyone, but eventually is hit hard enough he melts into a puddle of shadow, saying “No. This is not over yet.”

The lights come back on.

Kathy, Dick, and the Prophecy

Frustrated, we leave the way we came in, and exit to find the City Watch unconscious on the floor and Kathy perched on Bernard’s bed. She tells us that we will have to find a different way to charge the amulet, since the artifact we sought was destroyed. She tells us that Duke Newcombe wants to instigate a large scale conflict by painting egg on Aundairian face with regard to shifter experimentation and torture. She then tells us to have fun in Korranberg and to say hi to the professor for her… then leaves via transforming into a bat on the balcony. Mabar is starstruck by her coolness.

We use our new-found swan boat to travel to Wroat where we meet up with Professor Dick Knuckles Richard Knucklewitz. The professor brings us into his lab and shows us that he’s been working on researching the amulet. According to his research, it allows for planar teleportation of many things.

Unimpressed, we tell him about Kathy and Duke Newcombe, which sparks a memory for the professor and he goes digging through his library to find something. He tells us that he researched a bit of draconic prophecy that said something about restarting a war between the forest people and the fae, but that it’s been years since he looked into it. He asks us to head to Korranberg to research it further.

To Korranberg

At the library we are led to a quiet space and left with the part of the draconic prophecy that we needed. In it we read about a plot with a demon lord who lived in a house in a flaming city in the world of melted glass. (No one said prophecies had to make much sense.) Traveling to the demon lord’s house is perilous except with the right magical artifact.

The prophecy got disturbingly specific when it came to finding out how to get to the demon lord’s house. It said to go to a town in Thrane called Rayne, in the basement of the tavern, and in the pocket of a man long dead we would find something that would show us where to go.

The demon lord, said the prophecy as best as we can figure out, plans to try to use his minions to start up the Last War again. The “greed of the dark woman will cause her to try to control the children of the forest” and "when that news reaches the ears of many, that will spark the war.

Mabar checks for other references to the dark lady in the prophecy and finds that she was daughter of the once-king, lives in a tower, and oversees the magic ones.

Off to Rayne in Thrane

So we head to Rayne, which is a town in the Burnt Wood in Thrane. We travel via the Lightning Rail to Aruldusk with plans to take our boat on the river to Olath. From the train station to the river we got lots of glares from townsfolk. We were stopped before reaching the river by a guy with a pitchfork in his hand and another with a torch. They both glower menacingly at us and particularly at Fik and Arthur.

Loading tip…

Considering the decades of violence that stained the lands of Thrane, it is unsurprising that the average citizen still feels animosity toward their once-enemy nations and their symbols. In particular, Karrnath’s hyper-militarized state and necromantically-inclined armies remain a source of barely-hidden pain and anger. To this day, necromancers—regardless of their attachments to Karrnath—would be well-advised to avoid traveling through Thrane, at least not without hiding their magical affiliation.


“Flaming floor holes.” -Toph
“Do I have to have a story behind it?” “I didn’t feel like dying.” -Cassie and Kelvin
“Throw me a bone, Arthur!” -Dylan
“An antioxident rainforest.” -Jen
“Kathy Karrnathi, what do you know about her(,) Dick” -Dylan
“You want Dick to come?” -Kelvin
“Dick is a slippery son of a bitch.” -Dylan



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