Scions of Tomfoolery

Pitchforks, Paladins, and Pixies

Black Sun Rising Session 6

The villagers in Thrane glowered menacingly at us, holding their pitchforks and torches. They ask what a necromancer is doing there with his fiendish skeletal ally. Fortunately, Fik convincingly argues that Arthur is just an enchanted skeleton that follows him around and, after a bit of bullshit creative verbal footwork, we manage to persuade them that we are harmless and that they should let us go on to Olath.

At Olath, a town just on the edge of the Burnt Wood, we discover that the town seems to be a hub for adventurers. No wonder, since the Burnt Wood is actually a completely walled off area of high magical disruption just outside of town. Divine magical sigils thickly adorn the walls, and paladins keep close watch over the walls—not to stop things from getting in, but to prevent the monsters within from escaping.

That’s where we’re going!

Rayne, our destination, used to be a little farming village in the Burnt Wood, so we have to go exploring in order to find it. The paladins at the wall let us in, but warn us that we will not be allowed to escape if we are affected with the taint of the dark place.

The Burnt Wood is actually a deciduous forest in early Fall foliage, but the ground is oddly lumpy. We set out heading north and arrive at a space covered with trenches. It is obvious the area was once a fairly active battleground. We accidentally trigger a mine, but fortunately both Nel and Bri escape the blast unharmed.

We keep travelling and are very apparently lost. In a reasonable clearing filled with bugs we find wood fairies that cluster around a weird plant with tentacles coming off of it. As we approach, the plant blurs, fades, and disappears, and the fairies get very, very angry. Two huge Ents wake up nearby trees to come smash us.

Molniya takes out all the fairies at once, and Mabar toasts several of the woken trees, but the fairies come back. Nel calls out Calcifer to help out, and engages the tentacle plant when it reappears. Eventually, we successfully defeated the local flora.

After the fight we find a small village that is not Rayne. We’re still lost, though.

Loading Tip

The Gaash’kala clans inhabit the maze-like canyons separating the Demon Wastes from the rest of Khorvaire. Believing it to be their sacred duty to keep evil from leaving the Demon Wastes. Mostly orcs with a handful of humans, they are proud warriors but not bloodthirsty. They will prevent travelers from entering the Demon Wastes with words before weapons, but anything and anyone leaving the Wastes is considered hopelessly tainted and met with immediate and extreme violence.


“This is just our puppet skeleton!” -Fik/Dylan
“We caulk the swan boat and float it.” -Kelvin
“Is this a PVP zone?” -Dylan
“I would prefer that he not inspect my taint.” -Dylan
“If we survive, I will name this the battle of Pixie Pass.” -Jen



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