Scions of Tomfoolery

Lava and Lambtaur

We discover to our horror that Flibbertigibbit lied to us. He is not a goblin, but is an imp. He lets us know that Henry is coming.

We don’t know who Henry is, but we assume it’s all bad news. Nel and Molniya dive into the meat pit, while the rest of us hide in conspicuous places. Fortunately the guard patrol keeps going.

As we explore the rest of the building, we come to a huge set of double doors—the entrance to the cafeteria. Flibbertigibbit listens at the door with his huge not-a-goblin-but-an-imp ears and then bursts the door open with no warning. The interruption definitely puts the 30 large demons inside off their dinner, and they come after us.

We flip over to the right-side-up. Flibbertigibbit grabbed hold of Mabar as soon as he saw the amulet and flipped with us. On the right-side-up we threaten Flibbertigibbit with death and dismemberment and have a generally harsh come-to-the-Flame talk with him. I think the entire party is starting to understand why he was beaten so often in the upside-down. He agrees not to be an asshole like that again.

Don’t Piss Off the Necromancer

We make our way to the ground floor and exit the building to see the paladins and clerics of the Silver Flame battling with members of the Carrion Tribes, many of whom carried chunks of metal as weapons. We also saw our old friends, the demon bats.

Fik’s patience clearly ran out at that moment, and he became a nexus of darkness, cackling and pointing at all mooks on the battlefield at once (like Mona Lisa’s eyes). They pretty much all dropped dead, then rose again as ghouls, turning on their (few remaining) comrades.

Bri intercepts a final mook who throws his sword to the ground screaming “I failed you!” The big offscreen enemy decides not to even bother and books a lovely Xen’drik cruise instead.

The Finger

The door of the tower known as The Finger is intricately carved with images of cat-people destroying dragons. When the door opens, a blast of heat rushes out in our faces and we enter to see a lava waterfall stretching over 5 floors above our head, with platforms beginning above that to ascend. In the upside-down are stairs leading up to the platforms but rather than a lava waterfall there is a whirling storm of needles and blades.

After steam-cooking ourselves because the GM does not agree with Player perception of physics, we swap to Kythri (upside-down) and ascend. At the top, we enter into a labyrinth—and exit fairly quickly because we all knew to keep one hand on a wall at all times. The next room is a dark room filled with mirrors so Molniya casts Light.

It hurts us, precious.

Not only does it hurts us, it teleports us back to the other side of the labyrinth. Pissed off this time, we make our way through the labyrinth, back through the mirror room using only natural light this time, and out onto this strange floating island chain in the middle of ???

There’s an outhouse on one of the islands, a nice rustic cottage, and a creepy looking temple. We of course head straight for the creepy looking temple, because that’s what adventurers do.

Enter the Lambtaur

Moments later, the temple doors bust open and a pony hairless centaur midget creature with insect mandibles and bony scorpion tail and whose arms are bone-claw-pincers bursts out. He yells, and purple-black lightning strikes twice nearby, leaving behind two monster dogs. Rounding out the sudden surprise attack are two mutated ogres and two ogres with obsidian axes.

Nel, being a badass, throws one hellhound completely off the edge of the island. The scorpion-centaur whiffs terribly as it tries to smack down Bri, and is suddenly enveloped in a lovely cocoon of fine cotton fluff. Mabar shoots live rams into several nearby enemies and Fik scares the shit out of one of the hellhounds with an image of Mabar coming to snuggle it. The lamb-taur whiffs terribly again, and its cocoon of fine cotton fluff intensifies, leaving it significantly hampered. For the rest of the fight it just… misses. Everything.

With these goons out of the way, someone turns out the lights and from the darkness comes the rather annoyed voice of that asshole, Duke Newcombe. Clearly, we’ve caused enough of a bother that he’ll have to deal with us himself. Oh goodie!


Toph: “Shit fuck fuck shit fuck.”
Kelvin: “Don’t do that, you’ll get an infection”

Cassie: “Can you repeat that a few more times?”

Jen: “I’m sorry hang on, are they throwing the salamanders?”

Kelvin: “It’s organic, vegan fire.”

Dylan: “Weird penthouse of The Finger.”



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