Scions of Tomfoolery

Into the Upside Down

Black Sun Rising Session 8

We leave the Professor’s home with Knight Regent Sergeant Pepper, a paladin tasked with protecting Khorvaire from the creatures of the Demon Wastes. He will be our guide on this leg of our adventure. The plan is to:

  1. Depart on the airship High Wind, chartered to take us out past the Labyrinth and Carrion Tribes and land us on The Finger.
  2. Don’t die.
  3. Use the necklace (and Mabar’s deep, dark soul) to shift into the elemental plane of Chaos.
  4. Don’t die.
  5. Find the evidence that Duke Newcombe gathered/is manufacturing that would restart the war between Breland and Aundair.
  6. Don’t die.
  7. Shift back into Khorvaire.
  8. Don’t die.
  9. Hightail the High Wind out of there.
  10. And finally, don’t die.

Traveling Tales

We make it over Lake Galifar, through the Icehorn Mountains, through a wall of heat into the air above the Labyrinth, and over a huge dry lakebed before the ship’s lookout yells “Look out!” and rings the alarm bell. “Flying enemies!”

A flying 7-8 ft tall woman who could crack a coconut in her bicep with bat wings and a permanent snarl, who is potentially attractive with no beard, threatens us with a fiery whip and a straight razor. Two flying harpies (bird from the waist down and human from the waist up with wings) also land, as do some bat demons.

Fortunately there is a huge lightning gun at the front of the ship for just such occurrences. After fighting off bat demons, Mabar mans the lightning gun, which (s)he admits was “alright.”

Fik stays in the back like a little bitch and eventually sits in the center of a spiraling pool of death, beating up enemies and allies alike with it.

We make it eventually to Fort Kickass, where we pick up about 40 more troops, mainly paladins and clerics. As we approach the fortress and The Finger, we see people lighting cabbages on fire from carts on the surface with a small army (of 200-400 people). Of course then they start lobbing those cabbages at the airship, so we decide it’s time to leave.

On to Kythri

Molniya teleports us from the ship to a nearby tower. Once there, Mabar shifts the group into Kythri.

We enter the top level and meet Flibbertigibbit, a cute little hapless and clearly abused goblin. Under his (questionable) guidance, we begin to make our way down the tower so we can cross over to the tower we want to be in. Flibbertigibbit panics partway through our wander, says “someone’s coming!” and darts into a nearby doorway. We dart after him and immediately regret the life decisions that led us up to this point.

A spiky turtle shell guy, two smoke dudes, and a tentacle bearded dude meet us inside. Nel goes wolverine, Molniya hits the floor, and Bri keeps up the badassery. Mabar turns into a mindflayer and tries to talk to the bearded dude, and everyone avoids the pool of body parts and blood.

As we get ready to leave we hear footsteps coming down the hall.


“Does she really have a beard? Because that’s a deal breaker.” -Dylan
“You’re about to have a wolverine shove a bottle up your asshole.” -Dylan



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