Druid shifter


I am a shifter druid and elemental caster.


I grew up in a very small village in the Shadow Marches in a druid colony. There were a number of shifters and I was deemeda Loreguard by some of the elders and per their guidance I worked to get a job at the Arcane congress in hopes of staying in touch with some of the research taking place on lycanthropes. I was told that I needed to ensure there were no risks to any Shifters. Queen Aurala contacted me shortly after my appearance in the Arcane Congress because of my scouting abilities. She wanted someone to keep tabs on her brother who she feared was plotting to take the crown more than help her. After many years I determined this Loreguard effort was useless. All of these people only cared about money, getting more money and having power and getting more power. I missed my more simplistic lifestyle in the Shadow Marches. With that conclusion I decided that it was time to go back home. I think the elders mislead me and I don’t think that I can take their advice again, they are too far removed from the current state of the world. As I was coming back home I realized that no one was at the river. I expected to see Maul Grok a goblin that worked the ferry since I was born into the village. They always said that he never missed a day at the river. I walked up the river where the bridge was and walked into my home village, it was bustling with everyone out talking about something that had just occurred. I found an old friend and asked what had happened…


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