Warforged artificer


Warforged. Walking wood-and-metal cyborg. Tinker always wears a heavy leather apron and carries a pack filled with odds and ends that clinks, clangs, and rattles as she walks. She almost always keeps her hands busy with some little project involving minuscule gears and sparks of fire.


Tinker served in the Brelish army from the time of her creation until the end of the Last War. During the war she became known for her ability to fix just about anything and create gadgets that allowed her to be more effective in battles than she was with an edged weapon.

Since the War, Tinker has sought to study artifice and alchemy at Morgrave University but has thus far been unsuccessful in enrolling in classes due to discrimination against warforged. She has been learning informally from one or two professors, though, and one of them has hinted that they may be able to secure a spot for her on one of Morgrave University’s future archaeological expeditions, and that her service in such a capacity may be the key to her enrollment in formal classes.


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