Molniya d'Moros

Dragonmarked half-elf wizard of House Lyrandar.


Level 2 Wizard

Race: Half-Elf
Group: House Lyrandar – Dragonmarked
Gender: Female
Age: 26 years
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 124 lbs
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Black
Skin Color: Brown
Other Characteristics: Freckles on the face
Wears Glasses
Dragonmark on stomach

Str: 10 (Mod +0)
Con: 14 (Mod +2)
Dex: 12 (Mod +1)
Int: 18 (Mod +4)
Wis: 14 (Mod +2)
Cha: 10 (Mod +0)

MD: 16
PD: 13
AC: 14

Total HP: 32
Recovery: 2d6+2

Talents – Cantrip Mastery, Vance’s Polysyllabic Verbalizations, Wizard Familiar
Feats – Cantrip Adventurer’s Feat, Shield Adventurer’s Feat

Magic dagger named Tim
30 GP


Molniya d’Moros is the middle child of a once respected family in House Lyrandar. Her father Veter was an extremely well known and respected windwright of the airship Endless Summer until he was arrested and found guilty of partaking in the slave trade after multitude of slaves were found in the cargo hold of his airship, but has unceasingly proclaimed his innocence. Her unmarked mother Lavina is the manager of the family’s plantation. She has become distant since her husband’s arrest. Her elder sister Volna (30) is an accomplished windwright of the galleon Tempest and her unmarked younger brother Grom (18) is being groomed to eventually take over the family plantation replacing his mother. Against family expectations of becoming either a raincaller or windwright as a dragonmarked member of House Lyrandar, Molniya traveled to Arcanix to study magic and eventually entered training as a wizard after displaying considerable talent. Her father was arrested in her fifth year at Arcanix which resulted in an overall decline of her studies. She found the circumstances surrounding her father’s arrest and trial to be suspicious and suspects a rival family in House Orien, d’Badgeiss, to be complicit in her family’s downfall. As a result, she has lost a significant amount of faith in the Galifar Code of Justice. In her sixth year at Arcanix, Molniya left the village in order to seek out the recently famous hero Captain Hero believing he could possibly help her father.

A psychological holdover from being a middle child, Molniya has a tendency to seek attention through superiority to her peers. As a result, early in her time at Arcanix she stole an ancient magical dagger hidden away in her family’s armory in order to show off to other wizards in training. The dagger claims to be possessed by an ancient sorcerer named Tim. Molniya quickly discovered that Tim has an incredible fear of blood and will release a piercing scream upon coming in contact with blood. She then realized that the dagger was not hidden because of its value but rather for its relative worthlessness. She also constantly wears her father’s deep blue cloak he wore as a windwright and as a result it has acquired a noticeable scent and is faded to a greyish hue and shows the marks of many repairs. Molniya carries a canvas satchel filled with a couple books, a small knife, and a few other useful instruments. Her proficiency at Arcanix has enabled her to invoke advanced custom variations of more common spells and more quickly cast everyday minor spells. She possesses a honey badger named Bubbles as a wizard’s familiar. Bubbles has a fairly sour disposition but is quite capable as a scout and is very defensive of Molniya.

Molniya d'Moros

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