Necromancy practicing Changeling (and friend)


Level 2 Necromancer

Str: 8 (Mod -1)
Con: 10 (Mod +0)
Dex: 12 (Mod +1)
Int: 18 (Mod +4)
Wis: 14 (Mod +2)
Cha: 16 (Mod +3)

MD: 16
PD: 12
AC: 13

Total HP: 24
Recovery: 2d6+0


A changeling who grew up in Sharn but was forced to leave the metropolitan as a teen, Fik went South to hide among the Aerenal elves. There he blended in as one of their own learning the art of Necromancy from Master Lia, one of the members of The Undying Court. While learning the craft he uncovered a dark secret when his master was killed by another elder of The Undying Court, Laucian, who was planning to enslave a small human settlement on Aerenal. Enlisting the help of Capt. Hero, a Warforged Paladin with a predisposition to help those in need, Fik defeated Laucian and turned him into a skeletal companion whom he now travels with. Fik and Capt Hero were forced to flee Aerenal, the local did not believe their story and blamed them for the death of both elders.


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