Tiefling fighter


Bri is a tiefling of unknown parentage. The product of a brief but passionate encounter, Bri’s birth mother was shocked to see two horns protruding from the pink forehead of her wailing newborn.
She left the child at the steps of the Church of the Silver Flame, telling herself it was the best place for her unwanted beastling.

Four years later, as Bri was sweeping those same steps, she was discovered by a tiefling merc named Balask from Graywall, hired by House Tharashk, who declared no tiefling should be sweeping the steps for some silver flame. When Balask’s task was complete, he took Bri with him to be raised in his family home.

Our Bri, which is short for Brimstone, earned her name for the acrid odor that rises when she is angered. When truly pissed, which happens more often that not, it can be said that “all hell is about to break loose.”

Growing up in a family of mercenaries gave Bri a unique outlook on life and Droaam, though often seen as crude and barbarous by the rest of Eberron, embraced the young tiefling. As she reached her early teens, Bri began accompanying her father on jobs, earning cash on the side, while blossoming into a fierce fighter with a colorful vocabulary.

At the age of fourteen, her father took a job from the governor and did not return. News of his disappearance sent Bri on a personal quest, which led her, unexpectedly, to Khyber. There, Bri learned of her father’s fate, and when she emerged from the dark and hellfire, the newly-made orphan took this news to her city’s governor.

Surviving such a trip caught the attention of the city’s leader, and who took it upon himself to look after and mentor the girl. As such, Bri learned the ways of the courts and from there made connections with the Wayfinder Foundation, who used her skill and expertise on jobs of acquisition. It is even said that, once or twice, mention of her deeds may have passed the lips of the Daughters of Sora Kell.


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