Welcome, Scions.

This is the central organizing space for individuals involved in one of Toph’s mini-campaigns.

This is intended as a single centralized location from which we can communicate with all players quickly, easily, and efficiently. Part of the difficulties of organizing gaming groups is the multiple platforms on which players prefer to be contacted—invariably someone doesn’t have facebook, or rarely checks their email. Now, this doesn’t mean that we won’t shoot people a quick email or facebook message to remind people to check in, but it should negate the need for super long email chains!

This is also a place for everyone to track what is currently going on in the campaign. To the left, the “Adventure Log” is where the player who volunteers to be our chronicler (default: Hannah) will record the intrepid party’s progress through the plot.

Other useful tabs include the calendar, the wiki (check this for rules clarification and world summaries particularly—you are by no means required to read it all, but it may prove handy), characters (you’ll all be asked to create and maintain your own character profile), and the forum, where we can discuss things OOC in our newly patented moose-hands-free zone.